Scarlett In the Recording Studio

Actress Scarlett Johansson has reportedly inked a record deal.

Sources say the Lost In Translation beauty will release an album of covers of songs by gravel-voiced crooner Tom Waits.

Fox News columnist Roger Friedman reports: "The record, 'Scarlett Sings Tom Waits' is being recorded now and through the winter, with a possible release next spring from Rhino Records' recently reactivated Atco label. "

A spokesman for Scarlett, 21, did not return calls.

Friedman added: "Unlike some other recent pop tarts, Scarlett - who turns 22 next month - can actually sing; she is no Paris Hilton. Also her choice of material is a tad more sophisticated."
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Bardot's Bad Blood

For all of you non-Australian Sophie Monk fans out there, you probably don’t remember / even know that she was part of an all-girl pop group called Bardot, manufactured (much like the Spice Girls) on the first Aussie series of Popstars.

Well, Sophie was back down under to host the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, as you all know, and who else should also turn up to the awards ceremony…Sophie’s ex-bandmate, Tiffany Wood!

It seems the pair didn’t get a chance to catch up, though, and Wood neither denied nor confirmed that their distance was due to ‘bad blood’ between them.

“She (Monk) stayed in her dressing room all night,'’ Wood said yesterday.

“I was out the back but I didn’t see her. As far as I know there’s no problem. To be honest I haven’t spoken to Sophie so I wouldn’t know.”

“Why don’t you ask Sophie?'’

Sophie’s manager was quick to squash rumours of the ‘bad blood,’ stating that the now Hollywood starlet ‘didn’t know her old friend was there.’

“To be honest, Sophie was so caught up hosting the awards, it was basically in, out, in, out from backstage to on stage…She was just on-call the whole night so she really didn’t get the chance to see anyone.'’

However, Sophie has already previously admitted that she and former bandmates Wood, Belinda Chapple, Katie Underwood and Sally Polihronas are no longer close.

Source: Starilicous
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War Inc Delays Album

MTV's TRL is reporting that Hilary Duff's new album will be released in February 2007. The album was originally slated to be released in November, and then was pushed back to December 5 before being moved again to February. Part of the reason for the delay is that Hilary will start filming her new movie "War Inc." in Bulgaria in a few weeks. The movie stars John Cusack as a hit man who falls for a young reporter played by Duff.While many people have been patiently awaiting some new music from Hilary, the album will just have to wait. Starring in a serious movie like War Inc. is an opportunity that Hilary just can't afford to pass up.

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Hilary Duff Fears For Life!

Hilary Duff and Joel Madden have filed an application for a restraining order against two men, alleging they are stalking the teen singer/actress. Duff, 19, and Madden, 26, filed papers in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, claiming a 19-year-old Russian immigrant named Max, and his roommate, celebrity photographer David Joseph Klein, 50, have been aggressively stalking the couple since the beginning of September. Court documents claim Max and Klein have made repeated attempts to contact the A Cinderella Story actress' manager and have waited outside her mother's house, a Hollywood venue when Madden's band Good Charlotte performed last month and a local Los Angeles market, where the couple often shop. Documents claim Max "admitted to being 'obsessed' with her, has stated his intention of 'removing' his 'enemies' (i.e., those who prevent him from being with her), has stated his intention of purchasing a weapon, and has threatened to kill himself and to engage in dramatic actions to get her attention." The couple also allege Max "has stated his belief that Hilary is in love with him and that Joel Madden stands in their way." Papers claim Max moved from Russia to Los Angeles two years ago for the sole purpose of starting a relationship with Duff. Duff claims the men are causing her "substantial emotional distress" and are asking an LA judge to grant a restraining order for both men to stay 100 feet away from the couple at all times. A hearing is set for November 15.

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Sarah McLachlan will release a not-your-usual Christmas album next month. The first single from the holiday album titled “Wintersong” will be the cover of a brilliant Joni Mitchell classic “River”. “It’s one of those songs that i’ve been playing a lot the past few years everytime the yuletide season comes along… because I feel it more than the “happy” songs that get overplayed during that time of the year”. Now That Sarah’s magnificent and haunting voice has touched this song, it makes it all the more poignant and stirring …

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Audtralian Idol Update

Tonights Australian Idol theme was Disco the youtube videos will becoming soon be sure to watch dean do his fancy flip while in a pause/break of the song

Lisa Mitchell - Heart Of Glass MP3

Dean Guyer - Turn The Beat Around MP3

these are not pics from tonights show those havnt been put up yet
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Jo Jo Album Leak


Download The Album Leak Here
You need win rar to unzip it
Credit: Kevipod
track by track download will be coming soon

Jo Jo - The High Road (click the pic to view album cover)

Album released: Tuesday October 17 2006

Track listing:

1. Too Little, Too Late

2. The Way You Do Me

3. This Time

4. Good Ol

5. Anything

6. Like That

7. High Road

8. Coming For You

9. Let It Rain

10. Exceptional

11. How To Touch A Girl

12. Note To God

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Australian Idol


We just wanted the world to know Audio Attack's favorites for Australian Idol
2006. Although there is still 8 contestants we hope that Dean and Lisa make it
to the top 5

Ok so I only just got into Australian idol that's why its so late and there's
so many links but we will keep updating each week for the Australian fans and
for any of you not in Australia who enjoy it.

alot of these Youtube videos have a segment about the idol that goes for a
short time before their song

Australian idol website

DEAN GEYER (Rock/Alternative)

You Give Love A Bad Name MP3 or Youtube

Iris MP3 or Youtube

Shimmer MP3 or Youtube

For You I Will MP3 or Youtube

If You Could Only See MP3 or Youtube

Nice To Meet You (audition) MP3 or Youtube


The Joker MP3 or Youtube

A Thousand Miles MP3 or Youtube

Dancing With Myself MP3 or Youtube

Fall At Your Feet MP3 or Youtube

Diamonds On The Inside MP3 or Youtube

Collide (audition) MP3 or Youtube

credit: ZlatkoT.

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Kelly Rowlands Story

My Story, which was slated for a summer release was shelved in favor of a yet-untitled album with a different vibe due in the spring."

[My Story] was basically a list of songs that I put together about the past three years of my life, with love and relationships,""And I remember listening to the record, and I was just like, 'I don't want this to be too deep to where, you know, lose people.' I still wanna have my party records, and I still wanna make people get up and bob their heads and vibe a little bit. And the record was too full of midtempos and ballads, so I wanted to bring it up a little bit. I mean, I'm 25. I'm young!"

In general, I'm going in the urban, more R&B route

"I listened to a lot of Whitney Houston for her vocals," Rowland said. "I love her. I love Beyonce's voice, and I love Brandy. Those are three vocalists who inspire me. I love how different they are. I love how they take themselves to the next level."

Although Rowland is still recording - she has sessions booked with Rich Harrison, Rockwilder and Solange - she's trusting her gut that one of the Garrett tracks, tentatively titled "Wooo!" or "Bump Like This," will be the first single.

Credits: & Kevipod
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Keep Your Hands Of My Girl

Good Charlotte have finished recording their 4th album, with tentative title “Good Morning Revival!”, which is slated to come out in early 2007.

The first single on the album has been released, and is quite controversial out there right now. The single is called "Keep Your Hands Off My Girl", and people are speculating it’s a bit of Madden’s jealousy with Hilary Duff coming through.

It’s almost two years since the rockers have released any new material and "Keep Your Hands Off My Girl" begs the question of who this "girl" might be? Madden and Duff’s relationship has been a tabloid focal point over the past year and the lyrics provide a rather odd clue. "I got a model 26 but she stays in the place," sings Madden, but Duff is only 18. If it’s for other male admirers of his Disney darling, Madden and the band have the following admonition: "I got brass knuckles hanging from my neck and my chain," especially given Duff’s suggestion that "[Madden]’s from a pretty ghetto place in Maryland."

Keep Your Hands Off My Girl

Song Credit: My Dirty Lies
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Just Say The Word

Singer/songwriter Josh Kelley has announced the October 10th release of his third album, ‘Just Say the Word.’ Entirely written, produced and performed by Kelley, ‘Just Say the Word’ demonstrates an eclectic range of the artist’s recent musical and personal evolution.

“I often heard people say that sometimes you just wake up in life and realize that you want to be better – well, that’s what happened to me about one year ago. I became a better guitar player, drummer, piano player, bass player, singer and songwriter. I found a new love in my life and an extra spark to my passion for music. "Just Say the Word" is a direct reflection of my growth. I had a vision for this record and finally there was only one cook in the kitchen.”

Kelley has independently partnered with manager Debbie Wilson of Wilspro Management to market and distribute the new material in a unique way. On June 6th, the album made a very successful pre-release launch on iTunes that lifted Kelley to the #1 position among all iTunes folk artists. On June 13th, “Just Say the Word” boasted a #27 position on iTunes Top Albums.

In addition, a series of headlining club dates kicked off on May 28th in Las Vegas at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino and Kelley will continue to tour throughout 2006 in support of the album. “This is my rebirth,” Kelley noted, “I am ready to explore new and different ways of getting my music out there and go to the next level.”

‘Almost Honest,’ Kelley’s last release, received wide acclaim from critics. Entertainment Weekly praised the CD for being “soulful, folk-informed, and unflaggingly melodic.” People Magazine called Kelley, “the real deal, a genuine talent who brings sincere emotion to his straight-forward pop rock.” And, Good Morning America dubbed Kelley “a breakthrough artist.” The CD topped the Billboard New Artist Chart upon release and had been on the iTunes home page for several weeks.

The title track, “Just Say the Word,” is a song that deals with the frustrations and memories of past love and also features an encore at the end of the album.

“‘Just Say the Word’ is a last attempt at letting a past lover know that they are not forgotten, and that they are still loved and safe in friendship, even though it’s time to make the next step in the direction of moving on with your life,” Kelley said. “I chose an encore for the song, because I love the track and the way it makes me feel, and because a lot of my favorite albums have an encore that bookends the record. It’s a message that just needed to be revisited. And what better way to engrave the title track message than to have an encore.”

Just as ‘Almost Home’ presented so many different musical styles, ‘Just Say the Word’ continues to establish Kelley’s wide range of musical ability and tastes. The listener can enjoy the soulful and deep “How the Story Goes” to a stripped down, almost bluegrass “Bound to Keep Movin’” to the pop-driven “Pop Game.”

‘Just Say the Word’ is now available for pre-order at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information and a complete track listing.

Credits: Monsters & Critics
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"Best Of" Sugababes

Sugababes have confirmed details of their best of compilation.

The trio, who will release new single and Orson collaboration (wtf? - Ed) 'Easy' on 6th November, will also add new track 'Good To Be Gone' to the release, which is entitled 'The Singles Collection', and will be released on 13th November.

The tracklisting is as follows:

'Freak Like Me'
'Round Round'
'Red Dress'
'In The Middle'
'Good To Be Gone'
'Caught In A Moment'
'Too Lost In You'
'Run For Cover'
'Hole In The Head'
'Push The Button'

Here is an unreleased track for you guys to listen to while we wait for the "Best Of"

Shake It
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All Saints are Rock Steady!

They're back and better than ever. All Saints are out with the video to their comeback single 'Rock Steady', from the album 'Studio 1', due out November 20th.

Check out the video below...

You Like?!?!?!
Download the track today!

Rock Steady
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No Doubt Gwen Stefani Will Be Back

Gwen Stefani has spoken about her forthcoming new album.

The as-yet unnamed follow up to 2004's solo debut 'Love, Angel, Music, Baby' is set to feature a string of guest appearances, including No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal, Akon, Swizz Beats and Pharrell.

Speaking to MTV, Stefani said: "There's a lot of songs that were left over from the last album, and there's some new songs I did with Pharrell. There's a lot of Pharrell on this record. I did some stuff with Tony and some stuff with Akon."

Collaborator Swizz Beats added: "She's always taking it to the next level. I love her background for music. She likes a lot of Caribbean sounds with hard beats."

Rumoured song titles include 'Orange County Girl', 'Candyland', 'Wind It Up', 'Breaking Up' and 'Flourescent Lights'.

Breaking Up
Orange County Girl
Wind It Up
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"With Love....Hilary"

Last month (August), Hilary Duff predicted that she'd be done with her forthcoming album by mid-September. But when she was in New York last week to launch her new perfume 'With Love' at department store Macy's, the singer admitted that she hadn't met her deadline.

"Is it mid-September already?" she said. "It's probably going to be a bit longer. We've done a lot - I would say we're a little more than halfway finished, but I'm not done."

Though Duff's record label had said the yet-untitled album would still come out November 21 as originally planned, the singer is in fact getting a little more breathing room - the label confirmed Friday (September 22) that it's pushing back Duff's next LP until December.

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Audio Attack welcomes You To R'October


Welcome To R'October (rocktober)
Firstly we would just like to welcome our 3rd staff member Rob and secondly announceThe New Audio Attack Exclusives Page Is Now Up And Running

Also a great new layout to match the AA-Exclusives page

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I Touch Myself

Australian artisit, Tiffani Wood, has released her third single from her forthcoming album "Bite Your Tounge". The single "I Touch Myself" is a classic Australian cover of the Divinyls' hit. Tiffani has kept this rock chick song faithful to the original, with the tempo slightly increased to give a more foot to the floor feel, but still with those husky toned vocals. Previous lovers of this great song will fall in love with this classic 80's tune all over again enjoying a slight modern twist but still with that 80's feel.

I Touch Myself

Credits: & Poptastic
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JoJo Takes The High Road... To AOL

Recently JoJo stopped by AOL and preformed three brand new tracks from her new album "The High Road" Here are the recordings from the AOL Session.

How To Touch A Girl

This Time

Too Little Too Late

The Way You Do Me

Credits: Poptastic &

To watch these tracks performed live check these links out...

Too Little Too Late

The Way You Do Me

This Time

How To Touch A Girl

Credits: Stars Are Blind
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Ali Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has done it, so why not her little sister Ali. It seems Ali Lohan has decided to follow in big sis’s shoes by releasing her holiday album “Lohan Christmas” due out this October. According to the first single from the new album will be “I Like Christmas”…

But here is a classic Ali has tinkered with to tide you over until October 3rd...

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

Credit: Fetch Me Some Music
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