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sorry for no updates guyz. been busy moving house and settling in... we havent had the time to blog. just letting you know that i will be spending a bit of time creating content for the hilary blog so yet again this blog will be abandond for a bit. i will be bizy making some more custom albums and album covers.. previous visitors would rember the hilary b-side album and in the mix album with custom covers....theres more instre i just need the time to creat them...it is alot of work s i have to search trough all my remixes to create the perfect compilations and then i spend at least a day or 2 making perfect covers..

Hilary Duff Blog

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picture: sam998899 radio remix album cover.
next to be made: club version

heres what im working towards making for the blog
sam998899 dignified radio remix album
sam998899 dignified club remix album
sam998899 older remixes and rest of dignified trax (most wanted volume 2 TBC)
dignitized - random dignity remixes that are not by sam998899
remix EPs for: With love
Come clean
Play With Fire
any other suggestions on custom hilary duff albums please id really love your feedback comments in comments and tagboard show your appriciation and makes me put more effort in to know that i am not wasteing my time uploading these. when i use them for personal use i never have the motivation to finish them coz there is not enough demand.
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looks effin' awesome!
  • Posted at 9:16 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

cant wait to hear it
  • Posted at 7:40 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

cool, dude