In preparation for his muchly anticipated upcoming album Alter Boy we have taken it upon ourselves and collected all the songs we could by him and made an Alter Boy EP.

Simon Curtis - Alter Boy EP
01. Flashback
02. Detox
03. Broken
04. Answer
05. Bones
06. Resist
07. Sugar Sugar White
08. Put Your Makeup On
09. Left Right Left
10. Hypnotized Faydon (Feat. Simon Curtis)
11. Megamix (Halo, Broken, Answer, Put Your Make Up On, Alter Boy)

If you know of any other songs by him that aren't on the EP can you let us know and we'll be sure to add it.
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thank you so much for this! i also expect remaining songs to leak.

please add if u can: halo and alter boy. these two are the only one missing from this EP i think.
what does EP mean exactly??

EP or Extended Play is basically a short list of songs. compared to LP which is an album as most know it.
  • Posted at 9:58 AM | By Anonymous Anonymous

This is great!
is there anymore songs by him?
I heard 18 were out..
  • Posted at 8:04 AM | By Anonymous Anonymous

i have 2 or 3 new ones to add to this CD I have found let me know in my Cbox if u want them
  • Posted at 6:18 PM | By Anonymous audio attack

I want simon' lyricss.
Plz plzz.
Post this, ;D



Pop Messiah and Religion Reduced are two that I have that aren't listed.

Can someone send these to me? The links aren't working. I'd love to have them. Please.