Displace Me By Pete Wentz


Most blogs give the option of only watching the short movie of "Displace Me" By Pete Wentz but here at Audio Attack we are giving you the option of not only watching it but to also download it....personally i think its great that Pete's helping out the needy but i just hope he duznt turn out like Bono, who's just big headed and i think wants to take ova the world...lol....but anyways keep up the good work Peter....

"Displace Me" By Pete Wentz

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Music We're Into.......

To prove that we aren't just into Hilary Duff and all that other girly sorta music, I'm just giving you a slight look into the sort of music we also like to listen to....Well that I(Amanda) listen to....you'll prbably notice that it's a lot of "emo" type bands...I dont care what they wear or look like, I personally go for the music...anyways sum of th ppl in these bands are butt ugly...lol....anyways, I've set it up so u can listen to the song first and if you like 'em then you can download it.....Enjoy.....

Broken Man

Curse Of The Curves

Thinking Of You

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Corbin Bleu - Another Side

High School Musical star Corbin Bleu has ventured out by himself. His debut album was due to be released in May but like many other albums has leaked, so on offer for a short time only is his album "Another Side".....

Download Corbin Bleu - Another Side

Credit: Poptastic

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