Paramore Riot Album + Bonus Tracks


Paramore - Riot (Limited Edition)

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Credit: dufiastion

01 For A Pessimist, Im Pretty Optimistic
02 Thats What You Get
03:4103 Hallelujah
04 Misery Business
05 When It Rains
06 Let The Flames Begin
07 Miracle
08 Crushcrushcrush
09 We Are Broken
10 Fences 11 Born For This 12 When It Rains (Demo)
13 Misery Business (Acoustic): Live From Q101 Chicago
14 Pressure (Acoustic): Live From Q101 Chicago
15 For A Pessimist, Im Pretty Optimistic (Live From London
16 Born For This (Live From London)

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Download Mediafire Link 2 (28.41MB)

Not Certain of the tracklists to these

Credit: The Free CD Shop

Paramore - Riot Album (Bonus Tracks)


My Hero (Foo Fighters Cover)

Stop This Song



Credit: Rock Star Material
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