Oh God, She's Back!

Just when I thought I'd never hear the name "Avril Lavigne" ever again guess what happened? I stumble across a music article detailing Avril's plans of a comeback. OH GOD WHY oh WHY!?!?!

I am certainly not a fan but hey, I am sure there are many people out there who love her so for that reason alone here it is. Download her new track "Keep Holding On" by clicking the link below...

Let the record show, YOU WERE WARNED!

Download: Keep Holding On
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Shhh! It's A Secret

Sup Homies,

Well I know it's been a while sine the last update and I feel really badly about it, seeing as I made a promise to update more with exclusive downloads and what not but I think what I have to offer today will make up for my laziness.

Today we at Audio Attack have come into some highly classified material. It's a secret...*Looks Around* Come Closer......A Little Closer.....Closer Still.....WE HAVE THE NEW ALBUM BY GWEN STEFANI. That's right kiddies we have it, no need to wait until christmas to see if you're mum or dad got the hints you've been giving.

Download "Sweet Escape" today by clicking the link below.

Download: Sweet Escape
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RIP Belinda Emmett

Hey Guys,

Well this post isn't a happy one. Early Saturday morning, an Aussie Goddess lost her eight year battle with cancer. Details are below!

"A former Home and Away actress has died of bone cancer aged just 32.
Belinda Emmett, who played Rebecca Fisher on the Australian soap between 1996 and 1999, was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998 while she was still acting for the show.

She survived the initial attack of the cancer, having undergone surgery and radiotherapy. After enjoying a period of remission before she developed secondary bone cancer in 2001, however, which she finally succumbed to five years later.

'It is with great sadness we advise that Belinda Emmett's battle with cancer has ended,' Emmett's family said in a statement.

Her husband, Australian TV personality Rove McManus, was by her side when she passed away.

Emmett's death comes on the same day as pop star Kylie Minogue made her triumphant return from an 18-month break during which she successfully fought a battle with breast cancer.

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Check out her final music release, a duet with Marcia Hines

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Dont Give Up

Are you ready for an Audio Attack exclusive? Well, at least I think it is an exclusive; I haven’t seen it posted anywhere so I am claiming it as one!

Are you ready for this? Recently, two of the biggest names in the Aussie music industry of today have come together and recorded a duet. The Single, “Don’t Give Up” is the remake of a classic Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush track and is now the newest release from former Aussie Idol runner up, Shannon Noll and Rogue Traders front woman, Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

Check out the song below and tell us what you think! I am not sure if I am a fan, its definitely a different sound from Natalie!


“Don’t Give Up”

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Back With A Vengence

'Sup Bitches,

Okay, I know, it seems like forever since we've updated this site but we've got a good reason as to why, we're lazy! Nah, seriously, these last few weeks have been hectic and that's what has caused Audio Attack to crash and burn. Today I, Rob, am going to make a promise, one I hope I can uphold, MORE UPDATES, MORE EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOADS, MORE EXCLUSIVE EVERYTHING....

Be sure to check us out again real soon. Why? Because we're back... we're back with a vengence baby!
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