Paramore Riot Album + Bonus Tracks


Paramore - Riot (Limited Edition)

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Credit: dufiastion

01 For A Pessimist, Im Pretty Optimistic
02 Thats What You Get
03:4103 Hallelujah
04 Misery Business
05 When It Rains
06 Let The Flames Begin
07 Miracle
08 Crushcrushcrush
09 We Are Broken
10 Fences 11 Born For This 12 When It Rains (Demo)
13 Misery Business (Acoustic): Live From Q101 Chicago
14 Pressure (Acoustic): Live From Q101 Chicago
15 For A Pessimist, Im Pretty Optimistic (Live From London
16 Born For This (Live From London)

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Not Certain of the tracklists to these

Credit: The Free CD Shop

Paramore - Riot Album (Bonus Tracks)


My Hero (Foo Fighters Cover)

Stop This Song



Credit: Rock Star Material
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Hilary Duff Blog

sorry for no updates guyz. been busy moving house and settling in... we havent had the time to blog. just letting you know that i will be spending a bit of time creating content for the hilary blog so yet again this blog will be abandond for a bit. i will be bizy making some more custom albums and album covers.. previous visitors would rember the hilary b-side album and in the mix album with custom covers....theres more instre i just need the time to creat is alot of work s i have to search trough all my remixes to create the perfect compilations and then i spend at least a day or 2 making perfect covers..

Hilary Duff Blog

click to enlarge.
picture: sam998899 radio remix album cover.
next to be made: club version

heres what im working towards making for the blog
sam998899 dignified radio remix album
sam998899 dignified club remix album
sam998899 older remixes and rest of dignified trax (most wanted volume 2 TBC)
dignitized - random dignity remixes that are not by sam998899
remix EPs for: With love
Come clean
Play With Fire
any other suggestions on custom hilary duff albums please id really love your feedback comments in comments and tagboard show your appriciation and makes me put more effort in to know that i am not wasteing my time uploading these. when i use them for personal use i never have the motivation to finish them coz there is not enough demand.
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Sorry for the lack of updates. We have a slight problem with our internet provider (AKA Parentals) lol. We Will Be Back in Approx 2 weeks as the Internet Provider will be on vacation YAY!!!!
The OC Album Will Be The First Thing Up So Sorry For The Wait. Ill Try To Put Both Of Them Up.
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Music From The OC Coming Soon


Coming Soon Is Another Exclusive Soundtrack Much Like The "One Tree Hill" one. The Tracks Hand Picked By Audio Attack. The Album Was Made By Me Some Time Ago But It Will Be Uploaded Soon, As It Was Requested and We Are Sorry For The Delay.

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Track Attack Final Round

The Final Round Of Track Attack Is Up, Along With Round 3 Results. Now It's Down to Just 2 Players From Urban And 2 From Disney. The Winners This Week Are The First To Enter The Track Attack HALL OF FAME And Your Vote Will Make It Happen. Next Week Brings A Whole New Twist To Track Attack and We Deffenintly Need The Suggestions Rolling In For Septembers Track Attack As We Need Time To Prepare.

Go To Track Attack Here
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I Have Been Trying To Get This Album For A While. But Now I Found It & 'I'm Lovin' It Sick!' Just Need To Find The UK Bonus Track Now Called "No Apologies" If Anyone Can Please Help Let Us Know.

Sum 41 - Underclass Hero
Download: Mediafire Evilshare Zshare Rapidshare

01. Underclass Hero
02. Walking Disaster
03. Speak Of the Devil
04. Dear Father
05. Count Your Blessings
06. Ma Poubelle
07. March Of The Dogs
08. The Jester
09. With Me
10. Pull The Curtain
11. King Of Contradiction
12. Best Of Me
13. Confusion And Frustration In Modern Times
14. So Long Goodbye
(Look At Me - Hiddn Track)

Posted By: Shane
Credit: The Sweet Escape , Whats New & Ali

Sum 41 Discography

These Albums Are Defenintly Worth Getting Sum 41 Are A Great Band The Best Albums Are Chuck, Does This Look Infected & All Killer No Filler.

Ok There Was Too Many To Upload In Such Short Time And I Didnt See The Point. But You Can Download Them Thanx To "Music Sharing For All". When The Files Are In 2 Zip Files They Need Both Parts To Unzip The Album. You nly Need To Unzip Part 1 But Still Need Part 2 On Yor Computer. You Dont Need To Unzip The 2nd Part. I have No Idea Why They Used This Upload Client But They Have Some Cool Content.

The Files Normally Have Passwords So They Are.

Password: musicsharing4all

Chuck: Part 1 Part 2
1. Intro
2. No Reason
3. We're All To Blame
4. Angels With Dirty Faces
5. Some Say
6. The Bitter End
7. Open Your Eyes
8. Slipping Away
9. I'm not the One
10. Welcome to Hell
11. Pieces
12. There's no Solution
13. 88

Does This Look Infected: Download
1. Hell Song
2. Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
3. My Direction
4. Still Waiting
5. A.N.I.C.
6. No Brains
7. All Messed Up
8. Mr. Amsterdam
9. Thanks For Nothing
10. Hyper-Insomnia-Para-Condrioid
11. Billy Spleen
12. Hooch

All Killer No Filler: Download
1. Introduction to Destruction
2. Nothing on My Back
3. Never Wake Up
4. Fat Lip
5. Rhythms
6. Motivation
7. In Too Deep
8. Summer
9. Handle This
10. Crazy Amanda Bunkface
11. All She's Got
12. Heart Attack
13. Pain for Pleasure

Half Hour Of Power: Download
1. Grab The Devil By The Horns And **** Him Up The ***
2. Machine Gun
3. What I Believe
4. T.H.T.
5. Makes No Difference6. Summer
7. 32 Ways To Die
8. Second Chance For Max Headroom
9. Dave's Possessed Hair/What We're All About
10. Ride The Chariot To The Devil
11. Another Time Around

Happy Live Surprise
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
1. Intro
2. The Hell Song
3. My Direction
4. Over My Head
5. A.n.i.c.
6. Never Wake Up
7. We`re All To Blame
8. There`s No Solution
9. No Brains10. Some Say
11. Welcome To Hell
12. Grab The Devil
13. Makes No Difference
14. Pieces
15. Motivation
16. Still Waiting
17. 88
18. No Reason
19. I Have A Question
20. Moron
21. Fat Lip
22. Pain For Pleasure

Motovation EP: Download

1. Motivation
2. All She's Got (Live)
3. Crazy Amanda Bunkface (Live)
4. What We're All About (Live)

Acoustic: Download
1.In Too Deep (Acoustic)
2. Motivation (Acoustic)
3.No Brains (Acoustic)
4. Over My Head (Acoustic)
5.Pieces (Acoustic)
6. Some Say (Acoustic)
7.There's No Solution (Acoustic)

Credit: Music Sharing 4 all

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Once again the results are in and that means Round Three has started. So head over to Track Attack to see whos going head to head for the chanceto be winner of Track Attack Urband and Disney.

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In preparation for his muchly anticipated upcoming album Alter Boy we have taken it upon ourselves and collected all the songs we could by him and made an Alter Boy EP.

Simon Curtis - Alter Boy EP
01. Flashback
02. Detox
03. Broken
04. Answer
05. Bones
06. Resist
07. Sugar Sugar White
08. Put Your Makeup On
09. Left Right Left
10. Hypnotized Faydon (Feat. Simon Curtis)
11. Megamix (Halo, Broken, Answer, Put Your Make Up On, Alter Boy)

If you know of any other songs by him that aren't on the EP can you let us know and we'll be sure to add it.
posted by Shane
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Australian band Kid Courageous are busily working on their second album. The release date is yet to be confirmed but because they are such great guys (And I know cos I've meet them b4) they have given us a sneak peek into some of their new material.
Departed is an awesum track and in my opinion should be released as a single. I can't wait to hear what the rest of the album sounds like.


Bobby Dazzler

This isnt really something that I usually listen to but it sounds as though it would be found in a TV series like Grey's Anatomy and cos I like that show I am kind of warming up to it. So as requested by Jordan here is a Myspace rip of Smile.

Posted By Amanda
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A*Teens - Abba Generation and B-Sides
We spent a long time tring to get hold of A*Teens albums and they were almost impossible I could't even order them through CD stores all i could find was Abba Generation. So we try'd to download them through torrent and places like limewire, still we went without we had a few tracks from various albums to listen too and thats what we dealt with for about 2 years and the recently while surfing blogs i was so excited i nearly wet my pants lol i found Wicked Pop. I found that I had the only album in which she didn't so here is her request Abba Generation.

Thanx Heaps Chez (Wicked Pop) U Rock I'd like to thank you in advance for uploading Pop Til You Drop and if you get a chance the songs im missing from New Arival
Have A Little Faith In Me
Shame Shame Shame
The Letter
Shang Ri La
One Night In Bangkok
the rest of New Arival is on various albums

A*Teens - The Abba Generation
Download: Zshare
01. Mamma Mia
02. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
03. Super Trouper
04. One Of Us
05. Voulez-Vous
06. S.O.S
07. Dancing Queen
08. Take A Chance On Me
09. Lay All Your Love On Me
10. The Name Of The Game
11. Our Last Summer

A*Teens - The B-Sides Collection
Download: Zshare
1. The Final Cut
2. With Our Without You
3. Bounce With Me
4. Can't Stop The Pop
5. Don't Even Know Your Name
6. Give It Up
7. Heartbreak Lullaby
8. I Promised Myself
9. Let Your Heart Do All The Talking (Single Mix)
10. Under The Sea
B-Sides Credit: Luckystar Music
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